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Kid's Corner

  • Animals

    Explore the incredible world of dinosaurs through fascinating facts, amazing art, and the latest science.

    Central Texas Humane Society
    Are you looking to adopt a new Best Friend or find meaningful volunteer work? Central Texas Humane Society in Waco is a 501(C) non-profit that promotes animal welfare through compassionate services toward animals and humans alike. Volunteer opportunities are available.

    Animal Encyclopedia
    Discover the strongest, smartest, and fastest animals in the world, or see all animals listed from A- Z.

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    A 501 (C) non-profit organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty.

    Cameron Park Zoo

    Lush vegetation and splashing waterfalls. The animals are kept in habitats that reflect their natural environment. A great place to host your next Birthday party!

      running-elephantThe National Zoo
    Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Check out the live webcams!

    Insect search and identification guide.

    World Wildlife Federation
    WWF works to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife.

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    The great outdoors awaits you at Texas State Parks! Learn about boating safety, wildlife, stargazing, rock climbing, and more.

  • Art & Music


    Art Games
    Compose your own art masterpiece and play tons of fun interactive games that will put your creative juices to the test.

    Hands on Crafts
    Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty playing in the mud. Or stay clean and make your own shirts and baskets.

    Happiness Homemade
    Fun projects for the whole family. Including gifts for Holidays and special occasions.

    Art Room

    National Gallery of Art Kids Page
    Is that Napoleon on skates? Explore these beautiful (and bizarre) works of art through games and activities.

    Art for Kids Hub

    Art lessons for kids. Learn to paint, draw, and origami.
    Homeschool Kids Art Lessons
    Lots of fun projects for all age groups. Learn to paint, draw, and decorate your own tee shirts. Printable art pages are free!

    Music Time

    PBS Music
    Listen to the latest hits by Barney, Arthur, the Teletubbies, and all your other favorite PBS friends.

    Classics for Kids

    Play music games. 

    Let's Play Music

    Activities by age, season, and type. Search for songs and activities.

    Songs when you want to Dance

    Over 20 dance tunes, kids will enjoy.

    Super Simple Songs

    Original kid's songs and Classic Nursery Rhymes.

  • Careers

    What Do You Like?
    Explore career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    Articles, downloads, videos, and information on unusual occupations.

    Girls at Work
    Girls at Work, Inc. empowers girls with tools, unleashing their power and potential to accomplish anything.

    Animal-Doc Com
    Veterinarians play a major role in the health of our society by caring for animals and by using their expertise and education to protect and improve human health as well.

    What Do They Do?
    Explore careers based on your interests! Learn about education and skills necessary for various careers, as well as pay, job outlook, work environment, and more.

  • Crafts

    A fun colorful interactive site filled with cartoons, lots of games, and contests.

    Kids Fun Page
    Tons of arcade-style games as well as educational games like "Grammar Gorillas" and "What's the Word?" There are also links to other fun sites for kids.

    Sarah Maker

    Learn to knit, crochet, Use a Cricut, and other Crafts.

    Giggles Galore

    20 Summer Crafting Projects for Boys.

    Childhood 101

    45 Craft Projects for Tweens.

    The Spruce Crafts

    24 Projects for Tweens.

  • Global Village

    Native Americans
    Listen to the sounds of the Comanche Flute, and learn about the customs and culture of Native Americans.

    My Hero
    Who are your heroes? Explorers, Writers, scientists, and … dogs? Check out these people who have had a powerful impact on those around them and have helped shaped our world into what it is today.

    Military Kids
    Grants for children from military families.

    Traveling Around the World
    Spend the night in a space hut on the world's largest island. And listen to the call of a lemur or the hiss of a giant cockroach on Madagascar.

    Peace Corps Kids World
    What is the Peace Corps? How can I make a difference? Read about how kids like you are making a difference across the globe.

  • Government

    Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
    For kids K-12 - Sing the ABCs of the National government. Put the United States back together and learn the history of the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty.

    The White House
    Learn about Flat Stanley's visit with George Bush, Why tee-ball is being played on the lawn, and what really goes on in the White House.

    FBI Kids
    Federal Bureau of Investigation facts for kids.

    Learn why it is important to vote.

  • Health

    Dealing with Feelings
    Feeling depressed? Thinking of running away? Get help with dealing with your feelings on this helpful site with tons of relevant topics for your life.

    Kids’ Medical Dictionary
    Have you ever had an Otitis Media or visited an Otolaryngologist? Find out what these and other strange medical words mean.

    Girls Health
    Contains relevant topics for girls as they are growing up and maturing into adults. The site has articles on puberty, hygiene, nutrition, and fitness.

    Internet Safety
    Learn to stay safe on the web.

    Gun Safety

    Guns don't kill, people do. Learn to safely handle a firearm. You can never go back in time if you make a bad decision.

  • History

    History for Kids

    The American Revolution started in 1775 and lasted until 1783. Learn how our great Country was shaped.

    American History for Kids

    From the first Thanksgiving until the first man on the moon. History isn't just about dates and facts, it is about stories.

    PBS US History

    Many interactive lessons on historical events.
    National Geographic

    Learn about historical events and famous people from the past with articles, videos, and games.

    Native American History for Kids

    People lived in the United States long before Christopher Columbus. Learn about the various tribes.

    Czech History

    Learn about the County, the culture, and the traditions.


    Learn about the geography, the people, and the culture.

  • Math

    A+ Math
    Visit the Game Room, test your math knowledge with Flash Cards, and get help from the Homework Helper.

    Dr. Math
    Need help finding that formula for geometry, or assistance with adding and subtracting fractions? Dr. Math is here to help.

    Explore Your Knowledge
    Test your knowledge in math and science and see how you score compared to other students from around the world.

    Create a Graph

    Use this site to quickly and easily create an area, bar, line, or pie graph. Just simply type in the numbers and titles and you have it.

    Math Puzzles
    Read Dr. Math's answers to students' tough story problems or ask him one of your own.

    Helpful Apps for Teens to Learn Math

    Eight highly rated math Apps.

    25 Activities that Help Kids Learn Math
    Learn about budgeting and shopping for a bargain.

  • Museums

    The Exploratorium, San Francisco
    Learn candy recipes, discover life on other planets, and explore the inner workings of
    the human eye.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
    Take an interactive tour around many of the exhibits offered at this museum such as the Unicorn tapestries, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and The Kitano Tenjin Engi Emaki.

    The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 
    Welcome to the Bullock Museum. Travel from Austin to Plano. Read stories from your town.

    The Smithsonian Institution
    Make your own buffalo hide painting, experience the incredible Apollo 11 mission, learn about the World War II bombers and fighter planes, and discover how Lewis and Clark mapped the West.

    The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame & Museum
    The Texas Ranger is one of the most cherished symbols of the Lone Star State, a positive and enduring icon of Texas and America.

    The History of West Museum

    Learn the history of West. See an authentic covered wagon, the recreated main street from the 1900s, and more.

  • Nature

    National Parks

    National Park Ranger Zone
    Become a junior ranger and talk to a forest ranger about what he does in the park. Find the Junior Ranger program closest to you.

    National Park Service
    Learn about the National Parks and some family fun activities featuring the great outdoors!

    National Wildlife Federation
    Celebrate wildlife by exploring careers, doing fun crafts, making yummy treats, and viewing pictures of some of the coolest animals on the web.


    Learn the science behind earthquakes, how they develop, and how they are measured.


    Kids Gardening
    A garden is a wonderful place for kids to learn, play and grow. Gardening teaches social skills, self-confidence, and environmental literacy.


    Geology for Kids
    Study the physical features and history of Earth.
  • Reading


    Clifford the Big Red Dog
    create your own fun interactive story with Clifford and friends. Many other games and activities abound on this site.

    New York Times Bestsellers
    Bestsellers in Children's Series.

    Goodreads for Kids
    Best sellers for kids to age 12.

    Childhood 101

    25 Best Dr. Seuss Books.

    Fun Brain

    Online books, games, and videos for kids.


    National Geographic for Kids
    Read their online magazine. Read about man-eating lions and fly into the middle of a hurricane.

    ZUZU – Online Newspaper for Kids
    Online Newspaper for Kids - poetry, fiction, and artwork by kids for kids. Has everything from sci-fi and mystery to cats and dogs.

    An online magazine for kids' stories, artwork, reviews, and articles. Read kids' opinions on school violence and uniforms.


    Braille Bug
    Play games and learn to send secret messages to your friends.

  • Science

    Science Worksheets

    Printable science worksheets for labeling, and word searches are all free.

    NOVA Labs

    Labs on energy, evolution, cyber security, and much more. Includes games, quizzes, and videos.

    Learn Genetics

    Basic genetics, evolution, cell biology, plants, neuroscience. Great information and interactive learning activities.

    The Concord Consortium

    Interactive STEM activities.


    Learn by playing fun computer games. It's free and it's fun!

    US Geological Survey

    Tap into over 140 years of research. Puzzles, Games, Earth Research Classrooms.

  • Space

    The Exploratorium
    Create an apparatus for viewing sunspots, Search for extraterrestrial life, and see a live web cam of Mars.

    The Space Place
    Be able to name trees from space, find out why the sky is blue and discover how to shrink a building three different ways. Lots of online space games, activities, and fun facts.

    NASA Kids
    Exactly how hot is the sun? Can astronauts sleep standing up? And is it possible to escape the Event Horizon of a black hole?

    Young Astronomers' Learning Center
    What is a Brown Dwarf? What's the difference between a meteor and a falling star? What are solar winds? The Learning Center provides all the answers you need.

    NASA – Be a Spacecraft Engineer
    Your mission: Help scientists plan a mission to a comet. Design your own spacecraft. And protect the International Space Station from space debris.

  • Sports

    Marathon Kids

    Have you thought about doing a marathon or a fun run? Learn to set goals or start a running club with your friends.

    Sports Illustrated for Kids
    Draft your own baseball team with Fantasy Sports or watch Andy Macdonald do some extreme skateboarding tricks.

    Sport Science at the Exploratorium
    Find out how to do an Ollie, learn the physics of surfing, and discover what those dimples on a golf ball are for.

    Street Play
    Kids Games & Rules for activities such as jacks and jump rope.

    Fitness for Kids That Don't Like Sports

    Suggestions for alternative activities such as inline skating, horseback riding, cycling, and more.

    100 Sports and Activities for Kids to Try

    There are many interesting activities. Basic overview and some great links.

  • State Facts

    State Facts
    Find facts such as the State motto, nickname, and origin of name, state bird, population, sports teams, and flag.

    State Capitols Quiz
    A simple but fun site matching states with their capitols. See if you can get a perfect score.

    50 Fun Facts About the States

    The center of the United States is located in Castle Rock, SD. Hershey, PA is known as "the sweetest place on earth." Learn many fun facts.

    Cool Kid Facts

    The biggest city in America is New York City. Also known as "the Big Apple.

  • Transportation

    By Land

    By Air

  • Finance

    H.I.P. Pocket Change
    This is a great site for learning the history of coins and more. There are great facts about interesting people, places, and events that are honored on our coins; you can now experience these people, places, and events firsthand.

    Money Factory
    Learn about the new colorful $20 bills and how it's not just for looks. 

    Kids Making Money
    Learn how you can make money so you can buy that video game, or those new pair of Nikes.

    Next Gen Personal Finance

    Arcade games make learning about insurance, budgeting, and paying for college fun.

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